Bed Maintenance

Having a Beautiful Property is Having Well Maintained Landscape/flower Beds

Well maintained beds equal clean and neat looking beds. This includes:

  •  Removal of weeds, dead plant material, leaves, sticks and over growth from beds and/or driveways/walkways
  • Pruning and trimming any plants or trees to the proper heights and shapes
  • Redefine bed edges with a nice deep machine (or hand) dug border
  • Planting of any new perennials, shrubs, or trees as you request
  • Installation of black or brown of premium triple shredded mulch
  • or Installation of decorative wash river gravel (various sizes/colors available)
  • or Installation of premium Sweet Peet
  • Weed preventative granule is applied underneath any new mulch install
  • Weed preventative fabric installed under all wash river gravel installations

It doesn't matter to us if your landscape beds have gotten a little out of hand with weeds, or your shrubs have grown wild. We will take the time and effort to bring everything back to order. 

When is a good time to mulch?
Really anytime is a good time to freshen up your beds with new mulch or stone. Depending on what your preference is usually dictates the schedule. Some customers like to have their mulch done early spring so they may enjoy the fresh appearance through spring and summer. Some prefer to have it installed late fall to help prevent freezing and thawing around their plants to help prevent them from heaving up out of the soil and breaking their delicate root system.
Does mulch prevent weeds?
While mulch can certainly help suppress weeds by smothering them and removing sunlight (which they need to grow) but it doesn't 100% guarantee that there will be no weeds. We add a preventative treatment that gets installed under the mulch that assists in preventing weeds from sprouting.
What is the difference between wood mulch and sweet peet?
Wood mulch contains shredded up wood chips and bark. Wood mulch acts as an attractive and beneficial coverage for your landscape beds. Sweet Peet® is a premium organic mulch option for flower and vegetable gardens. It is a great option for your vegetable garden because it enriches the soil, transforms into humus, improves tilth, encourages beneficial earthworms and replenishes microbes that are often destroyed by harsh chemicals and acid rain.