Leaf Clean Up

Let us Restore Order in Your Yard

As the summer days wind down and come to a close, many of us look forward to the changing of the season and embracing the color shift in the leaves. In the peak of fall here in Northeast Ohio the leaves provide a beautiful sight. Just as the changing of seasons is an inevitable process - so is the falling of leaves. Leaves unfortunately clutter the yard, including your lawn and beds. The reality is when leaves sit on your lawn for too long, your lawn can start to lose nutrients from the lack of sun and begin to die. This is where a fall leaf clean up is key. It's important for the health of your lawn to have them removed. In addition to being detrimental to lawn health, leaf piles left to sit out too long can become homes for various types of pests. These can be concerning especially around the perimeter of the foundation of your home. So now you may wonder, how do I get rid of leaves in my yard? 

Clearing leaves from your yard is absolutely hard work. Most people don't enjoy raking their entire yard. We are here to help!  Rocscape has teams devoted to efficiently removing leaves and debris from your yard so you can spend your fall days still enjoying and entertaining in your outdoor spaces.

After a long winter and all the snow has melted, most yards do need an additional clean up called a spring clean up. This in-depth blow out of the lawn and beds removes any leftover debris.

We offer two separate types of leaf and debris related clean ups- Fall and Spring. The services are relatively similar with main differences being the types of perennials, shrubs/bushes, trees being cut back or pruned based on the time of season and the amount of visits needed to complete the service.

We service both residential and commercial properties.

Fall Clean up:

  • Reoccurring service every 7-14 days as needed or requested
  • Deep blow out of beds and grass areas
  • Leaves, twigs, small branches cleaned up
  • Cut back of perennials, grasses, etc
  • Final lawn mowing service (if requested)
  • Pruning of any shrubs or trees (if requested)
  • Haul away leaves and/or debris from property using leaf vacuum system (if requested)

Spring Clean up:

  • Single service
  • Deep blow out of beds and grass areas; brings life back to your grass
  • Any remaining leaves, twigs, branches cleaned up
  • Mowing service (if requested)
  • Pruning of any shrubs or trees (if requested)
  • Haul away debris from property (if requested)