Landscape Lighting

Light up Your Space

Having low voltage landscape lighting makes all the difference in the nighttime enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. It literally shines a light on the assets of your landscaping. Imagine being able to see along a walkway to your front or back door, showcasing certain ornamental trees/plants in your beds, lighting up certain portions of the exterior of your home. All of these things and more can be done through low voltage landscape lighting. It extends your ability to really enjoy your space well past sun down.

We work with a few different brands of lighting to get you the most beautiful lighting fixtures that will effortlessly blend right in with your hardscapes or softscapes. Whether you want your fixtures to stand out or be hidden - we take that into consideration when coming up with the perfect lighting plan for your property. 

Newer technology allows you to operate your lights via Bluetooth from your cell phone if you wish. They can be set to automatically turn off or on based on the schedule that you set, even if you're not home!

Benefits to low voltage landscape lighting:

  • Ability to enjoy and entertain in your outdoor spaces at any time
  • Adds emphasis to certain elements that you want to draw attention to - show off that new patio
  • Safety- allows you to see at night along walkways and driveways
  • Sets your home apart from the rest who don't have lighting
  • Cost efficient - does not drive up your electric bill
  • Low heat - will not burn up nearby delicate plants, trees, etc.
  • Long lifespan for the bulbs and housing