Softscape Installs

The word "soft" scape refers to any landscape addition that is a living horticulture element, such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, grasses, trees, and turf.  A well crafted plant design can add countless benefits to your property's image from color, depth, interest, and texture.

We take our years of experience and training to execute the best design for your year round enjoyment; from complete new bed designs to new planting designs in your existing beds. Having the wrong landscaping can really detract from your home or property's image and value. Overgrown bushes or trees covering the building or growing into the building, improperly placed trees or shrubs, or lack of landscaping all together. Having only plants that provide one season of interest is another common problem we run across. We specialize in enhancing your homes curb appeal with carefully selected plants to compliment and accent your homes color and shape throughout all four seasons. We also love to create beautiful gardens and relaxing backyard oasis's. We want your home to feel like your retreat when you pull in the drive. 

When it comes to any new plant addition in your beds we take great care in making sure that plant has all it needs for a successful and long life cycle. We set everything off on the right foot starting with

  • correct planting techniques
  • proper placement
  • using organic nutrient dense soil and amendments
  • organic fertilizers
  • proper first watering

We do this not only because we love plants and want them to thrive, but above all we strive for every customer to love their landscaping well beyond the first day it's installed. We back our knowledge and experience with a warranty on any new plant install. 

After any new planting installation we like to take the time to answer any questions and go over with you any details for care or maintenance. We want you to feel confident in maintaining your new beautiful landscaping. If you would prefer us to handle all aspects of maintaining your new plants we would be more than happy to set you up on a routine maintenance plan.



New Lawn (seed or sod)

Do you feel like you could use a whole new (or maybe just partial) lawn? Or maybe you want to plant a lawn where there wasn't one before. If you have a property with new construction that is bare dirt that is another scenario where you would need a lawn installed. There's many instances that may come up where you may need some grass installed. Just as we take great care with plants we have the same standard for new lawns. We want to make sure your new lawn is set up for complete success. A lot of customers ask us should they go with seed or sod for their new lawn? There are pro's and con's to both, each situation is unique.

We can take a look at your property and be able to give our best recommendation for seed or sod for your lawn. 

Artificial Turf

For those customers that are in need of fake grass for maybe a dog area, putting green, play area.. whatever the need we would love to install some artificial turf for you. Fake turf is great because it never grows! Therefore it needs much less maintenance. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have on if artificial turf may be the right fit for you.